How Depression Affects the Brain

How Depression Affects the Brain

Depression is a very common disorder among all age of people. The worst thing about depression is it can make one mentally disabled and in some cases physically disable even. It’s a kind of manipulating yourself by thoughts that aren’t true. A depressed person feels self-confident less and loses hope to restart. It’s such an evil that can ruin your happy and sound life. So, people with depression must not be considered less critical than any other disease affected the patient.


No matter if one can’t assume the external damage, depression can break you down inside and destroy the healing power. Especially your brain. Do you know how does it damage your brain? If you are facing this problem and aren’t concerned about its mischief activity, we are here with to tell you about that through this article.


Let’s start with the symptoms that are the reason behind depression


Depression Symptoms

Symptoms of depression can be many. Basically, it depends on the atmosphere you live or conditions you face. Still, there are some common symptoms worldwide to identify this problem.


  • Feeling down, fear to face people or discuss any incident occurred  recently
  • Staying alone most of the time and over-thinking
  • Regretting the past mistakes
  • Remembering incidents repeatedly that makes you sad
  • Feeling imperfect and useless among people
  • Fear to restart in case of failure
  • Losing interest in things that you liked to do before
  • Decreasing concentration and attempt to suicide
  • Indiscipline in food habit and other activity
  • Being stressed and tensed



These are the common signs that make sure if someone is depressed. But that’s not all if you search you can get millions like them. However, you are depressed or not you must know how badly it affects your brain. Read more in brief below.


Effects of depression on the brain

The brain is the major organ that controls the body.  The way virus disables a computer this terrible mental disease does the same to your brain. Our brain has separate parts that control activities that we do. Depression can isolate your brain from its responsibility. There are three major parts of the human brain that gets seriously affected by depression.


  • Hippocampus
  • Prefrontal
  • Amygdala



The hippocampus gets affected most as it is responsible for capturing new memory and emotion control. Though the amygdala also has controls on emotion but not in the same way. Hippocampus is the middle part of our brain. If the depression attacks you, hippocampus will start to shrink. And that can be a reason for memory loss during the depression.


The human brain has cortisols that are released only when it face any sort of mental pressure. So, in depressed periods our brain releases cortisol more and this may cause less neuron production. Besides, the regular activity can get seriously hampered as the hippocampus shrinks and makes you forget about important facts. This kind of incident happens when your brain can’t concentrate.



Considering depressing as a minor fact is equal to killing yourself indirectly. Because the internal damage will start showing the external effect sooner or later. Irregular eating, oversleep, sleepless nights, lack of concentration, dark circle under eyes and many more physical detriment. Hope you understood how it can affect not only your brain but also your body.  


So, be conscious enough to avoid depression. Lead a healthy happy life with confidence.



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