Homemade tips for hair growth faster

Homemade tips for hair growth faster

Having thick and healthy hair is a common attraction or desire to most people. But turning that desire into true we have to go through many tough ways. Sometimes we apply risky hair treatment or take costly medicines. Moreover, the result comes out with a bunch of serious side effects.


So, what to do in that case? The perfect solution for fast hair growth without any damage is the natural hair care process. This process contains affordable common natural ingredients. The good thing about this is, it has no side effect.


First of all, check out what kind of hair problem you are having. Then take the best hair care solution that is applicable simply at home. Natural hair care takes less time and is less troublesome than medication. Hair damage, hair fall, hair breakage, dandruff, roughness are the main hair problems.


What if you are having almost all of them? Will you follow different solutions for particular problems? Don’t worry. Here you will get a perfect solution that will help you recover your hair problem and will make your hair strong.


Check the hair care pack below to make your hair growth faster. Follow the instruction and tips provided below to have the best solution.


Haircare Pack

This haircare pack is a perfect solution to remove hair loss, grow it fast and also makes it strong. This hair care pack has very common and affordable ingredients. If you want to make it your daily care remedy then it’s just perfect. Preparing this easy pack has no trouble.


Check out the needed Ingredients below.

  • Eggs (2)
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil


Making Process

Take a clean bowl. Crack eggs into it and blend it with folk. After that add 1 tsp of olive oil, 1 tsp of coconut oil and 1 tsp of castor oil into it. Mix the ingredients very well until the stickiness remove.  You will get a smooth and tight mixture.


Applying Process

This remedy is best to use at night or 2-4 hours before taking shower. Apply the hair pack with the help of your finger. Try to apply it properly in your scalp and all over your hair. The roots need this very much.


If you do not apply it to roots well it won’t work as you want. Besides, you have to give it a very good massage. Try to learn the massaging processes. A good massage can boost the blood circulation up very fast.


Once you finish your massage cover your hair with hair cap or plastic foil cover.keep it for overnight to have the exact result. If you have a good sleep with that your hair pack will work amazing. This is not a daily process so try to do it at night.


Though many of us do not have that time because of our busy schedule. For those busy people, this pack can be a day pack too. If you want to do it at daytime then apply it at least 2-4 hours before taking bath.


Wash it off very well with your regular shampoo. The smell of egg yolk may feel like vomiting to many. To avoid that cover your hair with hair cover and wash the next day very well. You can apply shampoo for 2 or more times to remove the smell.


Apply cold water to your scalp after washing your hair. Cold water is a very good way to make the hair growth faster. You can do this every day while taking shower for regular hair care.


Tips for hair growth faster


Tip 1

Wash your hair regularly with cold water. Be careful about the product you use. Observe if it is suiting you or not. Change your shampoo if it causes hair problems. Try different shampoo to choose the best that works most. Don’t go with the one you have been using for very long if it isn’t working accurately.


Do not use shampoo regularly. Though your hair goes through much sticky dust but using shampoo every day causes damage. Our hair scalp and bottom of every single hair are very sensitive. The shampoo has many chemicals that may ruin the softness.


Tip 2

Hair is one of the sensitive parts of our body. It gets the effect that one’s body goes through. For example, if you are tensed you will face hair fall problem. Lack of vitamins and essential portion or mineral will bring hair breakage and your hair will stop growing.


Eat fresh and healthy food and try to be careful about your health. If you are healthy half of your hair problems will be removed. To make your hair grow fast eat nuts, fruits, and sufficient water. Be natural and you will be benefited naturally.


Tip 3

Apply coconut oil or olive oil at least 3 days a week. Coconut oil helps the scalp to grow new hair and makes your hair strong. You can use olive oil instead of coconut oil. Olive oil does a great job of repairing damaged hair and grow fast.


Tip 4

Brush your hair smooth and slow.  We all do this mistake of brushing rough. It damages the hair in an uncountable way. Especially after bath, we comb our hair very rough to unscramble it. The correct way to comb hair is to start from the end.


Hold the middle and brush it to the end. Do the same for every side. After that brush from the top to bottom smoothly. Take some time and brush patiently. A rough brush can break your hair and damage it very much. You have to be very careful with long hair.


Tip 5

Avoid excessive heat or low temperature. Use a scarf to cover your hair with sticky dust. It is good to go out tying your hair. If you go with open hair it will be more dusty and damaged. Take extra hair clip if you go out with open hair.



Follow the haircare remedy and apply with accurate instructions. Tips are provided for the best care of your hair. If you take good care your hair will be problem free and the growth will be faster.





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