Do You Know How Food Is Digested?

Do You Know How Food Is Digested

Digestion is mainly known as the breakdown of large pieces of food to small pieces of which can easily access the digestive system. This process is basically known as Mechanical Digestion. Whereas chemical digestion means, enzymes help to break down the food into molecules which our body can use.

                                 So, millions of people are there who just eats and do toilets when they are about to. I can guarantee you half of them don’t know how food is digested. If you are one of them, then don’t be scared or depressed. Because I am about to discuss everything with details that you need to know. For that, you have to stay with us and keep on reading.


Details about Digesting Foods

                                    The Digestive System is mainly a series of organs, linked from mouth to the arms. So through that organ, the food gets digested with the help of some bacteria as well. So now I am about to mention details about food is digested.

  •  Salivary Glands

                                        Digestion starts from the mouth where the salivary glands secrete saliva to moisten and make the food soften so that we can chew well. The enzyme in saliva named amylase breaks down the carbohydrate in the mouth.

  •  Oesophagus

                                         The food is then smoothly pushed by the oesophagus to the lower oesophagus sphincter. The lower oesophagus sphincter helps to control the food moving from the Oesophagus into the stomach and stops it from repulsing back.

  • Stomach

                                          The stomach is basically a tank, where the muscles around the stomach to mix up the foods. To digest the carbohydrate and the protein, our stomach releases some acidic gastric juices and enzymes. After that, the semi-solid food is passed to the duodenum by the pyloric sphincter.

  • Pancreas

                                            The pancreas then produces pancreatic juice which contains the enzymes to digest protein, starch and the fat. Through the duodenal papilla, the pancreatic juice is secreted into the duodenum.

  •  Duodenum

                                            The chime, the bile and the pancreatic juice are mixed in the duodenum to neutralise enzymes and bile finish off the chemical breakdown of the acidic stomach contents.

  • Jejunum and Ileum

                                             There the mixture is passed to the jejunum and then on to the ileum. The villi and the micro-villi inside the jejunum and ileum creates a greater area for absorption of nutrients.

  •  Liver and Gall Bladder

                                              The incoming blood from the small intestine brings the nutrients as well to the liver for processing. The amino acid, glycerol and other acids are also bought to the liver. And the liver’s function is to secrete bile.  

  •  Large Intestine

                                               The remaining waste except for the nutrients that were absorbed by the body passes into the large intestine, which is made up of ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon and rectum. The waste comes from the small intestine as fluid and gradually becomes solid as water and salts are absorbed out. When the wastages pass through the large intestine, the peristalsis Mucus is been secreted to aid the faces of passages to the rectum


                                         Until a movement pushes the wastes to the rectum and then out of the body, the wastages are stored in the sigmoid colon.


                                        Well, this is how food is digested. I hope you got what you wanted to know, as I had mentioned everything you needed.


Final Thought:

                                   Some people don’t know how food is digested. Instead they just on eating foods. They don’t even think which one will be good or which one will be bad. Moreover, my duty was to let you know how food is digested, with proper and accurate information. I hope you have got a complete idea about the process, how food is digested. And I hope you liked my article as well because I gave you a complete thought about the concept that you wanted to know. Thank You.  



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