How to cure diabetes naturally without medication

How to cure diabetes naturally without medication

Recently the common health problem that people of every age suffers from is diabetes. It has become a major issue as it affects the body in a noticeable way. So, curing diabetes has become a very important matter to the sufferers.


The excessive insulin increases the blood sugar and this is the main cause of diabetes. It is said that once you become a diabetes patient it becomes the toughest job to cure it fully. But we say ‘No’ to that thought.


If a diabetes patient maintains good health and follows a good diet with regular exercise then he/she will get rid of it soon. Basically, a diabetes patient has to maintain a tough schedule with costly and fixed medicine. But if you do it in a natural way, you can cure diabetes faster than the medication method at very low cost.


Natural is best in any way. Curing diabetes in a natural way has been proved as a most working way than the medication. Following the medication process you may have many side effects of various medicine but natural way never contains any side effect.


Here are some natural tips to cure diabetes without medication. If you are suffering from diabetes problem then these natural curing ways are going to provide you the best solutions. Check them out.


Natural tips to cure diabetes


  1. First Tip

Take some hibiscus leaf and water. Put some hibiscus leaf in a mixture and pour some water into it. Mix it well. You will get a green paste. Collect the paste and keep it in a container.


Take one bowl of water and give 3-4 spoon of hibiscus paste into.  Mix it with water well. Keep it aside for overnight. The next morning drink the water in empty stomach.  Do it for 8 days.


If you miss a day during the process start it from the beginning again. Do the same in the evening. Prepare the drink in the morning and keep it for 6-7 hour to have it in the evening. Try to do it regularly for 8 days. It won’t work if you miss a day.


  1. Second Tip

The boiled egg is very helpful ingredient to cure diabetes. But there is a way to make it an effective ingredient in curing diabetes. The egg is rich in vitamins and many useful properties that make us strong.


Boil an egg for 10-15 minute and pill it off. Make a small hole in it and put some vinegar on it. Keep it aside for overnight.  The next morning eat the egg with water on empty stomach. It will help you to cure diabetes fast.


3.Third Tip

Ladies finger is a very useful natural ingredient that helps to reduce blood sugar and cures diabetes. Way to make it work is given below.


Take 7-10 ladies finger. Cut the top and the bottom side along with the middle portion in half. Take a blow of water and put them in it. Keep it aside for overnight. The next morning drink the water in empty stomach. Do it for 6 days.



There are thousands natural ways to cure diabetes. But these three are the best effective and top curing processes. Follow them with the given instructions and cure diabetes in a natural way without medication.   




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