How to Cure Cold and Cough in One Day

How to Cure Cold and Cough in One Day

One of the most common diseases, we get very often is cold and cough. The infection of cold and cough affects us very easily. This infection is spread by 90% virus or 10% bacteria.

You don’t actually understand the pain of cold as long as you don’t get cold. Cold and cough causes some problems which is very much irritating.

At this time, we usually use antibiotic to cure the cold and coughing. But, antibiotic has many disadvantages. So, the best solution of curing it is home remedies.

In this article, you will find some important instructions about herbal cures of cold and cough. You will also get a proper diet plan during cold.

These instructions will help you to heal the cold and cough in just one day. You will know the reasons and symptoms of cold which will help you to take precautions.

The instructions are given below:

Reasons & Symptoms

Upper respiratory transit is mainly responsible for cold and cough. In most of the cases, people suffer from cold only because of the upper respiratory transit.

This upper respiratory infection is caused by virus or bacteria. Because of the lack of vitamins and protein, germs of cold and cough attack our body and reduces the immunity of the body. So, we catch a cold.

In most of the cases, cold and cough goes away in one or two weeks. In this one week, victims face some common problems which have given below:

  • In the first day, you will feel bruise in your throat and you will suffer from head pain
  • Then, you will be attacked by low fever. And your wounded throat will worsen.
  • In the third day, you cannot sleep properly because of extreme head pain and ear pressure. Mucus will bung up your sinus.
  • After that, your mucus or cough will turn into yellow or green color. You will get rid of the wounded throat but coughing will start.
  • Head pain and congestion will improve next day.
  • The coughing will go away after one week normally.

Symptoms will worsen if whooping cough or pneumonia attacks you. Blood will come out with your cough. A high fever will attack you. Then, the situation will be more serious.  

Home Remedies

When we suffer from cold, we use to choose antibiotics. But, antibiotics are not always the best solution.

In most of the cases, cold infections are caused by the virus and 10% by bacteria. Antibiotics destroy the germs of cold. But it also harms us.

It causes diarrhea because it destroys the bacteria which helps us to digest our food. It is responsible for abdominal pain, gastric, ulcer and lack of fiber.

So, it is risky to take excess amount of antibiotics. If there is a home remedy, always try to follow that because home and herbal remedy is the best remedy.

Here are some home remedies which will surely cure your cold and cough in just one day:


  • Breaking Congestion


Try to have plenty of fluids. It will break the congestion. The bugged up nose and wounded throat will smoothen. It will also help you to keep away from dehydration.

Here, you can drink various kinds of drinks. Such as ginger teas, fruit juice, sports drinks etc. You can also prepare various chicken or vegetable soup. It will warm up your full body and heal a cough in just one day.


  • Loosening Stuffy Nose


If you take some steam of warm water into your nose, the mucus of your sinus will reduce. Don’t use extremely hot water, otherwise, your nose will burn. Breathe smoothly, near the warm water.

This process will loosen your stuffy nose instantly.


  • Blowing Nose


You can blow your nose to cure a cold and cough. But, you have to do it in a proper way. Blow your nose slowly and smoothly. Don’t use rough clothe during blowing, otherwise, it will cause the wound. Use tissue papers instead of it.

The best trick of blowing nose is clotting over your nose thrill with your finger smoothly.   


  • Use Spray


You can use saline spray or rinse of salt water. You can easily make them at home.

Firstly, take 3 teaspoons of salt which is iodide-free and also baking soda and mix it. Now, put it in an air-free container. Pour the mixture into boiled distilled water.

Now use a Neti pot. Go to your basin and spray the saline into your nose. Press your nose thrill with your finger during spraying  


  • Taking Rest


Always try to stay warm during the cold. Take rest and adequate nap. It will help you to remove the germs from cold and cough. It will give you the energy and strength of fighting against the germs.

Use blanket while you are sleeping. Don’t switch on the fan at full speed.


  • Gargling


Gargling will moil your wounded throat and give you temporary relief.

Gargle with salt water to expel the titillation of your throat.


  • Proper Drinking


Keep yourself away from stimulating drinks like coffee and alcohols. It reduces sleep which is greatly responsible for cold.

You can take ginger, lemongrass tea. It is very helpful for a cold. Herbal teas are always better than the market tea.

You can also use some honey, lemon juice, berry or bourbon in your tea. It will sooth your jammed throat.


  • Killing Pain


Cold and cough cause a tickle in the throat, headache, and nose pain.

For curing these problems, you can try a minimal dab beneath your nose. Dabs like: menthol or camphor are light searing elements that must help you to get rid of this pain.

You can also try eucalyptus for this purpose.


  • Using Hot Bags


You can buy hot bags or make it by yourself at home. Making homemade hot bag is not hard. Take a dampish washcloth and put it in the microwave to make it warm.

Now, steam your face, nose, forehead, and neck with the cloth. It will melt the mucus of your sinus.

Be careful. Don’t use excess hot cloth.


  • Sleeping Position


Use an extra pillow during sleep. It will help you to clean the narrow nose paths.

Change your sleeping position during cold. Avoid lying down on your back.

Whereas, antibiotic is not the best solution, maintain above tricks. It will work like antibiotics and give you the best result in just one day without causing any harm.

Thus, follow the proper home remedies and herbal methods to get the best solution.

The Ultimate One Day Routine

Healing cold and cough is not an easy task in just one day. Besides, taking homemade medicines you must maintain a properly guided routine to cure it.

So, here, I have given a one-day routine which will help you to reduce cold and cough in just one day. You will surely get rid of cold if you follow the routine strictly. The routine has given below:


  • Morning Hot Shower


Doctors have recommended it. After waking up, you should take a hot bath during cough or cold.

Use hot and warmest water for shower. This will help you to appease or put down your trembling limbs.

When you suffer from cold and cough, mucus affects in some specific places of your nose and forehead which is called sinuses. This mucus is responsible for bunging up your sinuses.  

Vaporization of hot water will give you comfort and help you to clean the jammed sinuses.


  • Breakfast


Because of decreasing the immunity in human’s body, they suffer from cold and cough. We know that vitamin C increases the immunity of human’s body.

So, in your diet plan, you can choose those food items which will increase your immunity.

Prepare your breakfast using some fruits which contain vitamin C. Prepare warm mush using orange and berries. Use antioxidant-packed composited berries. It will help you to gain immunity.


  • Vaporization of Face


During the cold, the most irritating problem is your bunged up nose. You have to suffer from a headache for it. It disturbs you while you are sleeping. Here are some tips for steaming your face to reduce the problem.

Take a bowl and pour 1litre water into it. Make it warmest. Now, put your head near the bowl and take the vapor of the water into your nose. This will soothe the mucus. Use a thick towel during the process. Otherwise, the vapor will kite.


  • Walk Out


It may sound little weird to you. But a gentle walk out will help you promote your immunity.

Go out for a walk before lunchtime. It will be a little bit irritating for you if it is winter season. But, it will improve your humor


  • Proper Lunch


You can have lunch with some Lenten chicken and salad. This food item contains protein. Protein constructs our immune cell and helps us to nimble the immune repercussion.

Many people don’t include meat in their diet plan for losing their weight. People who don’t eat meat often affected by cold and cough germs. So, before thinking about your body shape, think about your health.


  • Tea Time


Here, I will give you some easy instructions which will help you to make proper herbal tea which heals the cold.

You need ginger, honey and lemon juice for it. These ingredients are antiviral bruise-timbre soothers.

Throw some ginger into 1 cup boiling water and cook it for three minutes. After that, pour some lemon juice into it. Also, use some lemon juice.

This tea will smoothen your sinus mucus. And you will get comfort.


  • Dinner Time


In dinner time you can eat a spicy curry which will turn up the heat. You can also eat chili con carne.

Anti-viral and anti-bacterial foods are ginger, garlic, chili peppers etc. These ingredients will help you to clean your sinus.

Spicy foods will destroy the germs of cold and it will clean the throat.

During a cold, we can’t get the flavor of the food. Spicy food will help you to change your taste.



  • Again Hot bath


At the end of the day, take a hot bath to end all the tiredness and gloominess of the day.

A hot bath just before sleeping will finally say hello to the cold virus and it will be killed. The steam of the hot water will kill the whole day’s germs also. It will expel the cold and cough from your body smoothly.


  • Proper Sleeping


Now, the most important part. Proper and adequate sleep always helps us to enjoy a day. So, take an adequate nap.

Inadequate sleep is responsible for not only cough or cold but also many other diseases. Always try to maintain a constant sleep routine.

It will give you daily needed energy. And boost the immunity of your body.

Avoid excess level of rousing drinks such as coffee, alcohol etc. And also don’t watch TV or sit in front of the laptop for late night.

Change your sleeping position during cold. Avoid lying down on your back.

So, follow above routine strictly. It will cost nothing. Here, I have given some easy tasks which will heal the cold and cough must. You will see a huge change in just one day.

Final Verdict

Above instructions will help you a lot to know, how to cure a cold and cough in just one day and after following it you will surely overcome it.

These home remedies are healthier than antibiotics or other medicines. And it is not costly at all.

Not only that, if you follow the tricks properly, you will get many health benefits in advance. Proper diet during your cold, will boost the immunity of your body. So, you should always follow it.

If you follow the sleep routine regularly, you will be able to make a perfect habit of sleeping.

So, avoid all the restricted things and follow the instructed herbal remedies. Try the ultimate one-day methods step by step. Note the instructions and apply it rightly.

And finally, in just one day, see the quickest and best outcome and feel the comfort.



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