Why Do I Keep Falling Asleep When I Sit Down

Why Do I Keep Falling Asleep When I Sit Down

The most burning incident that’s happening to me is sleeping at the day. Especially, when I sit idle, or when I’m watching TV. Even, when I’m reading a story book or novel, 10 minutes later, I fell asleep.

After that unexpected nap, I felt dizzy and foggy in my brain. Thus, I lack of work efficiency.

It increased such severely that, for me, I became unbearable. And I decided to consult a doctor.

You will be surprised to know what he said to me is that every fourth of us does have a sleeping disorder and so did I!

I was so despondent to hear that. But, later he told me that it’s a normal thing. Especially, for women. And it’s all about hormonal imbalance in our body.


So first, he checked my hormonal properties and put me on a medication procedure. He also told me how can I self-determine such problems observing my physical condition and my activity-dynamism.


He also told me about other possible sleeping disorder which can cause such episodic sleeping event that I had. Well , actually this content is all about this episodic sleeping and its circumstantial.


Many of you guys face this problem especially women. They fall asleep while sitting idle compared to men.


Why does this happen?

Have you ever asked yourself that why this is happening? What can be the cause?

Or, you just though it’s normal like day to day things.

Well, I can assure that you are highly wrong. It’s a sleeping disorder you have. And like every other problem, it also has a cause or causes.


As for my part, I had loads of work every day. Therefore, I didn’t get proper sleep. As a result, I started to remain constantly tired. Fatigue was all over me. Additionally, I lost lots of hair and gained weight.

And it’s the time when my body faced hormonal imbalance. Thyroid of my body started to decrease and eventually, I became sleepy during my idle hours.


Apart from that one can have eczema in they have dry skin, constipation, lost sex drive and at the end of the day the energy runs out and the person starts to feel touchy and sensitive about his/her life.




If the amount of thyroid goes wrong, your body can face various types of diseases. It controls your body’s metabolism in a greater potion.  


You must be wondering that why I am dragging this thing into this content. But believe me, it has full connection with this content. Because Thyroid is the headquarter of your body’s metabolic activities. Whatever goes wrong with thyroid, your body will show the result. It has full connection with this sleeping disorder as I previously mentioned.




One thyroid disease can cause you oversleep. Or sleeping when you are idle.

And it’s called Hypothyroidism which I had.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism are


  • Less concentrated


Due to fall of the thyroid, most of the people cannot really focus on their work or what others are saying say. In a word, they’ll have a foggy brain which takes time to reflex on something.


  • Constipation


If you face problems with urine works, its hard to empty the bowl, and the place constantly keeps burning, then you definitely have constipation.


  • Dry skin


Excessive dry skin will cause eczema.


  • Fatigue


You will feel tired like you’ve been like this forever. It really will get on to your head. It happened to me all the time. The thing was, even I eat a heavy meal, I still felt tired and it seemed to me that I’ve never had any meal at all!


  • Catching a cold, whereas everybody is doing fine at the same temperature


The most irritating part of my body it gets sensitive to climate. I catch a cold in winter. Even I had it in summer too!


  • Joint and muscle aches


It can be a constant problem if you have constantly low amount of thyroid in your body.


  • Sensitive mood


The person who has fewer thyroids gets often emotional about his/her life. He can behave an emotional poor or a humpy maniac.


  • Excessive menstrual bleeding


Most of the women think that, excessive menstrual bleeding is a normal thing. But episodic excessive bleeding may be something that your body really wants to tell you.


As its result, you’ll have to face episodic sleep events.


Clinical diagnosis


After you find the related symptoms, you must consult a doctor who will guide you to further thyroid test.

To determine that your body doesn’t produce enough thyroids or to be precise hypothyroidism you’ll need to go through on some blood test, such as:


  • TSH Test

This test is to perform to determine the amount of T4 in blood. This is a catalyst that signals the production of Thyroid. High level of THS means you have hypothyroidism. Because your high THS means the low production of thyroxin.

  • T4 (thyroxin) Test

This test is to monitor thyroid’s activity in the human body. Means how much thyroxin is produced by thyroid gland compared to a normal human body.

Treatment for Thyroid problem

As I had thyroid problem, I need to take medication for this. My doctor kept me on three weeks bioidentical thyroid. However, I wasn’t sensing any improvement. So he increased my doses of thyroid. And suggest me to have proper sleep.


My doctor also told me to have a diet plan to overcome this. So I made up a schedule chart where I added:


  • Drinking water after each 1.5 hour
  • Salmon fish as a wild-caught fish
  • Coconut oil for my dry skin and hair fall
  • Eating high fiber vegetables and fruits
  • Beef and chicken stock
  • Yogurt and high protein milk



So , you can cure this both medically and naturally.


An unexpected sleeping occurrence can merge to some other sleeping disorders too. Narcolepsy is one of those kinds.




Excessive daytime sleep is one of the symptoms of Narcolepsy.


It’s a neurological disorder that causes the shortage of a brain protein called hypocretin. It regulates sleep-week cycles.

When one’s brain lacks a brain protein called hypocretin one has irregular sleep. The person falls asleep and muscle paralysis during the daytime.


Our sleeping happens in a cycle. Firstly, we move to light sleep to deep sleep. Then deep sleep to REM stage and muscle paralysis. Then the person is dreaming, he/she is in the REM stage.


But when Narcolepsy happens, The person straightly goes into REM and loses muscle sensation. The body starts to relax and eventually, it falls asleep.


Diagnosis Narcolepsy  

Before consulting a doctor, evaluate yourself. Do you have narcolepsy? To be sure, look for the symptoms below.

  • Fall asleep during daytime or when you are inactive
  • Feel relaxed in the morning but tired the whole day
  • Having cataplexy. Your muscle loses sense and strength.
  • Hallucinating things around you

You can have more symptoms but these are the common symptoms. If all the points above is positive then you must consult a sleep specialist.


After you consult a sleep specialist, they will have you diagnosed to make sure that you have narcolepsy.


  • Epworth Sleepiness Scale


It’s the initial test, which determines that if your problem is diagnosable or not. You will have to answer several questions during this test using a scale of zero to three. And if your tests scale result is above 10 that you have to proceed for further test.


  • Polysomnogram(PSG)


It’s a sleep study performed in a sleep lab to monitor the physical activity during your sleep. Such as: The heartbeat rate, muscle movement, eyeball movement, brain activity etc.


  • Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT)


This test monitors that how much time you need to fall asleep at the daytime. During this test, you will be asked to take several naps during the daytime after every two hours.

This take will start from the morning after the night long PSG test. The first nap for MSLT will be after 2 hours of awakening in the morning. Normal people take 10-20 minutes time to fall asleep. But Narcolepsy patients take less than five minutes to sleep.


You will fall asleep two hours after waking up in the morning and it happens less than five minutes.


Treatment for Narcolepsy

You’ll have to pass over some medication procedure to overcome your Narcolepsy.


  • Ritalin



To reduce your daytime sleepiness most doctors apply Ritalin as a beginning for medication procedure. This will increase your vigilance as well.

But this will also cause you side effects. You’ll have an unexpected headache, nervousness. You will feel irritation and have gastrointestinal problem.  Above all, this will wretch your nighttime sleep too. Your sleep time will be decreased as well.



  • Provigil and Nuvigi



Again this will reduce your daytime sleepiness. But as for side effect, headache will be a constant companion. You will often feel vomiting.  



  • Antidepressants



This will reduce the frequent occurrence of cataplexy. But as for side effect, you’ll have dry mouth, tiredness and bad stomach; gain weight; sexual malfunction and sometimes arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat).



  • Xyrem


If the excessive daytime sleepiness an cataplexy don’t respond to the above medication then doctors apply Xyrem . Its usage is not so severe. It has a very classified and authorized application. A small sum of people has excessive narcolepsy and cataplexy. Therefore, they had to take it.


Other cause of sleepiness

There can be a various cause of odd time sleepiness especially when you are sitting still or laying on something. We’ve seen thyroid problem, we’ve seen narcolepsy. But apart from that, there’s another reason to fall asleep in odd time.

While surfing the internet, I got a convincing explanation on this.


I’ve talked about sleep cycle that we have. I’ve mentioned above. This cycle has five stages. But here I will give a brief idea about it. I’ve summed up the whole process into two points: 1) NREM and 2) REM. And these two points are our main concern.


So, NREM or Non-rapid eye movement is a procedure where a person falls asleep lighter to deeper. And REM or rapid eye movement is a procedure when his/her sleep gets deeper to deeper and he/she starts to dream. During NREM, our eyeballs remain calm. And during REM our eyeballs keeps rapidly moving.


It takes just 10-20 minutes to get into NREM’s light sleep stage and 70-90 minutes to go at REM.


While we are sitting still or lying down, our body becomes gradually inactive and the hormones in our body stay still. Our heartbeat rate falls and becomes slow means our body starts to fall asleep. And it happens within 10-20 minutes. By the time when you wake up, you start to feel tired and dull. As if you lack dynamic spirit.


Sometimes, less sleep can make people fall asleep in the daytime or when they are sitting in the chair. This happens to me always. You see, when I have lots of work, I had to stay awake at night. Therefore, I could not have proper sleep. As a result, I sometimes find myself sleeping in my desk.



There is no medication for this as far as I know. But what you can do is take a proper nap so that you don’t have to face such kind of occurrence. Another thing you can do is to set an alarm for every 15 minutes when you are sitting idle. It’s a bit irritating to buzz your alarm off every 15 minutes later but it helps to keep you awake.



Well, this was a short tour about helping you out that why one can fall asleep while sitting. Everybody face this situation. For somebody, it’s natural but not often. But for the rest, this situation can merge them to a new health issue or sleeping disorder. So, if you have daytime sleep occurrences you must think about it if your body wants to tell you something.


I’ve discussed all the possible cause of this sleep disorder, diagnosis and treatment for this. So, I suggest you read this article thoroughly and evaluate yourself.




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