Are You Suffering From Back Pain? Do You Want to Know How To Massage Back Pain?

Are You Suffering From Back Pain? Do You Want to Know How To Massage Back Pain?

Nowadays back pain is a common reason for sickness. Because of the long duration sitting in just one position usually creates back pains. It is way too uncomfortable and debilitating as well. Sometimes because of injuries, activities and also medical conditions can cause back pain. It can impact on people of any age. The more the age is, the more risk of the lower back pain. Sometimes some need treatment whereas sometimes the as simple message is enough to treat those pains. Basically, lots of people prefer massaging because it helps to treat the back pain faster.

                                  Many people are there who are suffering from back pains. Some of them may go to the doctor for this treatment whereas some of them treat themselves staying at home with just a helping hand. Are you one of them who are suffering from back pain but don’t know how to massage for back pains? Do not worry or feel shy. Because man people are facing this problem but they are afraid of sharing this. I even don’t know why? Well, this article is all about lower back pain message. It will be pretty much helpful to you if you go through the article. So just keep on reading.


Ways to Massage Lower Back Pain

                     Lower back pain sometimes may link to the bony lumbar spine, ligaments around the spine, lower back muscles and also sometimes for the skin around the lumbar area etc. But if you have pains in your upper back, this can happen because of the disorders of the aorta or tumours in the chest or else spine inflammation. So usually back pain can occur because of a variety of reasons. But sometimes the causes of back pain can also remain unclear. Massage can help to heal and relief back pains substantially if you can target the correct muscle. I am going to describe massage ways down below. Those ways are:


  • Step 1


                  Start with rubbing your hands with lotions or oil to prevent frictions when your hands will move over the back.


  • Step 2


                   Then go for applying some light strokes on the back before the massage to warm up the lower back. This can include rubbing oil gently with the use of fingers.


  • Step 3


                    Start slowly pushing your hands upward. Make sure you push towards the heart because that is the perfect direction in which the blood is flowing. Remember, as you begin with the light strokes and then to stronger rubbing, keep those strokes moving from the tailbone up through the neck. Then again go back to the bottom by gently sliding along the person’s sides.


  • Step 4


                     Then go for the circular motion rotations with your hands. With a little amount of pressure and using your palms and also the fingers, press the muscles to break up the knots and move toxins that accumulated in the muscles.


  • Step 5


                      Increase the pressure by working with your thumbs over the top of the buttocks. Then use your finger to press in the centre lowest part of the back and toggle them in circular motions outward as well as toward each side, and then upward toward the centre of the back.


  • Step 6


                      Use your fingers to play out to the sides by placing your thumbs in the centre of the lowest part of the back. Remember as you slide your thumbs up toward the middle of the back make sure you press down and maintain the pressure. Make your fingers run lightly down the sides and also you should repeat the upward sustained motions at least five or ten times. At the end make sure you end up the message with additional effleurage to make the muscles cool and relax.

Final Thought:

                                Well! On this, I mentioned few steps about how to massage for back pain. There are lots of people who literally have this question. Some of them already find a way out of that as ways to get rid of the back is easy to process. But some people are still suffering from this pain. Still, I am requesting you to go through the article just a single time. I can assure you that if you can maintain all these steps well, you will definitely get rid of back pains. I hope you like my article. Thank You



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