What Does Skin Cancer Feel Like

What Does Skin Cancer Feel Like

Skin cancer is the most common form of poverty. He occupied the third place in the unique method of oncologic diseases. Mainly, in the open area of the open areas in the light of the skin cancer formula. About 2/3 of the tumor is located beside the mouth. In the video exposed cancer forehead, the temple, ears, abnormal cells on the nose increased cancer fotmation. The symptoms of this disease are most common among people after the age of 50, irrespective of gender. In most cases, due to early stage and diagnostic knowledge, a serious illness helps to successfully cure the patient.

Contributing factors for the development of ecology:

Ultraviolet tanning –  Increases radiation exposure to remain chronic on the beach and to open part of the skin frequently and frequently. Reproduction – Increasing the risk of cancer risk in patients from close relatives.

Halka skin: Melanin protects human skin from ultraviolet radiation. In Epidermis, natural white cells and red-haired people have a reduced pigment in a reduced amount.

Molus:  On the face of a normal benign formation of a person, it automatically puts it in a risk group. Other changes in potassium keratosis and epidermis, whose primary symptoms are dense pores.

Dull Immune system:  Severe chronic disease, HIV infection or due to adverse environmental conditions,

the body’s defense radiation:  In hot countries, the average long-term radiation exposure due to radiation increases skin.

Reasons for the famous others and the development of cancer: Impact chemical compounds, or the medicines without prescriptions can be a reason for increasing the formation.

Signs and symptoms: To identify the primary stage of the disease, its main features are important to know.

An irregular application of an expert will have the following symptoms: The face of the new moles, red spots, skin inflammation or stimulated areas, which does not cure for long periods,

negative changes in existing wounds: growth, brow, inflammation, bleeding discharge, forming a skin noodles with a smooth, shiny surface, in an extraordinary color Draw: Black, brown, purple, red, pink, white; Drain of different areas of skin on the face and appearance of a small tumor.

In some cases, malignant education appears to himself in the form of flat blotted wounds with a thick crust. Sometimes skin cancer may look like a sprawling brown spot with vague contours and dark specks.

Final Thoughts: Doctors recommend to first take pictures with a clear manifestation of the disease, to make the dangerous symptoms clear. Then compare the features that are actually found on the face skin. On the pages of special internet resources, it is easy to see how the primary stage of skin cancer looks like.




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