Do You Know How To Use The Baby Foot? 

Do You Know How To Use The Baby Foot

Sometimes, you might face that your feet are becoming slightly yellow. Sometimes people tear off their feet’s dead skin. And after some time, it becomes a habit to them. And ends up as tearing the undead skins as well. After that, sometimes it turns into a disease. Which can also be severe sometimes. If you are a victim of an infected skin or skin disease on your feet, you have to face lots of pains even you can’t walk properly. Your feet will cause a lot of pain. You don’t have any idea about how hard the pain is unless you are one of the victims of these infections. So, in this case, many people use skin creams or medicines. One of the product among them is Baby Foot. This product is also used by many people and they got cured of those dead skins.

                           Well! On this article, I am about to write about how to use baby foot and what is it actually? If you are suffering from any of this disease but don’t know how to get rid of them. Don’t worry. You are not alone. There are a lot of people who don’t know that. If you are interested, then keep on reading. You will get complete though I assure you.


What Is Baby Foot?

                      It’s a product which is now popular and has a lot of buyers whole over the Japan and United States. This product is basically made of two plastic booties with some semi-liquids, made up alpha hydroxyl acids or acid of fruits which includes lactic, glycolic and citric acid. And these semi-liquid are lined up between the two plastic booties. The acids include also 17 more types of natural extracts. For example – lemon, grapefruit, sage and ivy etc. These acids help to break down the desmosomes on inside the layers of the dead skins. The natural therapies include moisturizing effects.

Steps To Use The Baby Foot.

                     Usually, there are many ways to use Baby Foots. But still, there are a lot of people who don’t know how to use this Baby Foots. For them, these steps are very essential. So the steps are:

  • Make sure you patch test 2 days before to start using Baby Foot for the first time. Later then, you will find a small foil sachet of baby foot gel on the pack. Apply on top of those dead skins. Keep it to rest and then take it off after 60 minutes. If it starts paining then don’t use it.


  • If there are no pains after taking it off, you are now ready to use the Baby Foot.

               Start by cutting the packet but be careful with the gel

  • Smoothly place your footstep by step inside the packet of the Baby Foot and fold the excess package sides left on the top part of your foot as well as around the ankle to get your foot completely fitted. Use the Baby Foot Sticker tabs to secure your foot.


  • Take 60 minutes to make your feet relax and absorb the Baby Foot Gel. Be careful, with extra timings. It will hamper your skin.


  • Remove the packs and gently remove the gel off your feet with warm soapy water, when the time will be finished.


  • For the next few days, you have to soak that foot in the water for the peeling process.


  • You may see the results within 2 to 10 days. Though it varies from person to person. And this thing lasts for 1-2 weeks.


                      This is how to use Baby Foot. But there are a certain amount of people who don’t know how to use it. The steps I provided, is perfect for them.


Final Thought:

                                Some people think that it is a skin disease. Which will not go. It is permanent. No, it is not, there are ways to get rid of this disease. I mentioned a way and also the steps to follow the ways. But yes one more issue is, never ever keep the feet inside the packet for more than 60 minutes, thinking that it may work more. No never. Don’t do that. Peel off the plastic after the time mentioned. Or else your foot will show up with more problems.  



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